A Loveless Wedding Bash

It was the last day of January 2015.

The couple hired two photographers: one, for the bride, and me, for the groom.

Their wedding was a concert experience that still vibrates the walls of a classic venue and has been engraved in the minds of those who were there.

I started out the day hanging out with the groom, Chandler Loveless. I followed him on a few errands and finally got to his apartment. 

The place looked like a hostel, having housed his groomsmen and guests for the weekend. After a few minutes of shop talk, the groom needed to get ready. When Chandler announced he was hitting the shower, I asked (in jest) if I could follow to get a few photographs. Without hesitation, he said “Yeah, man. Do what you want!” I had no restrictions, no rules to follow. 

I approached the shower, notified my presence, drew back the curtain and took the shot.

Fresh and dressed, Chandler was ready. Itinerary was shaped, musicians were arriving, Chandler’s make-up artist arrived,; and then, she arrived.

The night was young and full of energy. The Loveless Wedding Bash began. 

The first band of the night, the bride’s band - Surviving September. 

Then, the groom’s band - Climb The Summit

The groom plays “House of Gold” by Twenty One Pilots for his mother.

Sunspots took the stage next. This night, they brought on their substitute bassist, Richie. He appeared to be a little nervous through most of the set and you could see him counting time, concentrating on the other members and sticking to his position on the stage. 

Sunspots played a set that took the crowd to a high like no other that night. Headliner-status, they set the bar high for the rest of the night. What made it even better was witnessing the first time I had ever seen a local band get called back for an encore. The band noticed the reaction and the demands of the audience; surprised as much as I was. At a quick glance to Richie in the band huddle, he mouthed with panic written all over his face “I don’t know any other songs.” 

When the groom was crowd-surfed back to the stage, the ceremony began. It was the only part of the night that followed some of the traditional guidelines. Chandler made his vows off the cuff and the Loveless couple embraced their love in front of an audience of friends, family and strangers.

The night continued on with more music: Dais and The Healing Process

The ceremony broke the mold of what we consider a wedding should look like. The moment felt historical and the music felt intoxicating. It’s incredible to think how much power a city’s music scene can possess. 

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