A Sound of the River City

Many bands have come and gone, leaving remnants of recordings, photographs and held within a generation’s memory. Jacksonville has always been trying to find their next sound that can represent a presence in a city still attempting to keep up with the counter-culture. In the meantime, musicians gather and play collections of ideas written within their music - the strongest carrier of the human emotion. 

 In a town so divided by race, religion, politics, sexuality and aspirations of a better tomorrow, we must capture the people who continue to make their voices heard in their own mediums of expression. The stages are set, but when they are under-appreciated and defunded, we further silence the sound of the city and its people. The art community is now responsible for the preservation of all mediums of art. For photographers, we must give the next generation proof that we existed and attempted to create a sound of the River City that is ours. 

 After 5 years of photographing musicians from side-stages, backstages, photo pits, cramped rehearsal spaces and bedrooms, I have completed this photographic endeavor depicting an intimate view of some of Jacksonville’s young and talented musicians. It is my honor to present to you ‘A Sound of the River City’ with hopes that the music community will continue to grow and gain more appreciation. 

The exhibition will be hosted by The 5 & Dime Theatre Company on Thursday May 11th, located at 112 E Adams St (Downtown Jacksonville). Doors open at 7pm.

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